Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you sell ponies of all ages?

A: We sell ponies that are three and older.  We do not sell weanlings, yearlings or two year-olds.

Q: Do you sell stallions?

A: We do not sell stallions, only geldings and mares.

Q: How much do your ponies sell for?

A: We sell ponies anywhere from $100 to the price of an average American home.

Q: Do you breed outside mares?

A: We currently do not breed outside mares.  Our stallions are usually booked solid breeding our own mares.

Q: Do you ship semen?

A: We do not ship semen.

Q: Do you train outside ponies?

A: We do not train outside ponies.  Our training staff is busy year round developing our own show string.

Q: What is your policy regarding farm visits?

A: If you are a prospective buyer, please contact us in advance to set up an appointment to visit our farm.  We no longer offer farm tours to the general public, as they would often interfere with the work schedule.