Heartland Hackney Farm

Breeding Program

Our primary goal is to breed and raise the best Hackneys possible.  We try to do this through long-term planning and implementation. 

We are currently using 10 main stallions and over 140 brood mares to ensure the proper balance between genetic diversity and line breeding. Our breeding facilities include over 300 acres of pasture, 15 paddocks of varying sizes, 28 stall breeding barn complete with an office, lab, and large multipurpose area.

Listed in alphabetical order below are the main stallions we are currently using at the farm.  This is not a complete listing of our stallions, only the ones used most frequently.

Heartland Blackhawk is a unique stallion combining the bloodlines of Tijuana Brass, Mr. Sandman, Sky King and Dun-Haven Bandolier.  His offspring are showing great carriage and expression. This stallion was never shown, but is an impressive individual, standing cob tail size, dark in color with a nice head.

Heartland Blackhawk has very few ponies on the ground so far, but is already showing that he can produce.  The 2012 World Champion 3 Year Old Hackney Pony, Heartland Road Show, is the first of his offspring to hit the show ring.  This colorful, well balanced and expressive short tail should be making show ring headlines for some time to come.  Keep an eye open for other offspring of Blackhawk in the coming years.


WC Heartland
Road Show


Heartland Code of Honor won the Midwest Hackney Futurity as a weanling.  As a yearling in 2002, his life was forever changed when another pony kicked him, breaking his front leg.  Refusing to give up on this outstanding individual, Darrel Kolkman rushed him to Iowa State University, where he was told to put the pony down.  Darrel refused.  He demanded that a prosthesis be made. Sparing no investment of time or money, a custom prosthesis was made for "Code".   He still wears a prosthesis to this day and continues to show a great love for life.  Every day, someone working at the stud barn, usually Darrel, takes the prosthesis off, massages the partial leg, adds fresh padding to the prosthesis and reattaches it to the leg. 

Heartland Hackney Farm's investment in Code has definitely paid off.  He is known for his long necked offspring and has produced many show ring winners such as WC Heartland Accolade, WC Heartland Dressed to Impress, WC Hearltand Demonstrator and WC Heartland Summer Rain.


WC Heartland
Dressed to Impress

WC Heartland
Summer Rain

WC Heartland


Heartland Equality is considered by some to perhaps be the greatest Hackney pony of all time.  He is the only pony to ever win the UPHA Classic Finals at the ages of two, three and four.  He was also voted the World's Peoples Choice Hackney Pony of the Century by Horse World magazine readers.  Undefeated as a cob-tail, Equality won the World Grand Championship in 1999, 2000 and 2003.  He was also featured in Sports Illustrated as the animal that best represents the Hackney breed.


Shown only in 2004, he was the Junior Harness Pony World Champion. This son of Dun-Haven Bandolier is out of a double-bred Cadetson's Choice mare.

The Cadetson's Choice blood is what makes him Heartland Hackney Farm's preferred stallion for a strong back end and and balanced trot. Head of the Class also stamps extremely high heads on many of his offspring.


WGC Heartland
Fortune Maker

WC Heartland
Queen of the Road


Heartland Heartbreaker may be best trotting pony Heartland Hackney Farm has ever shown.  His dark color, short body and fine features combined with this tremendous athletic ability explains how he became the only 3 Year-Old Harness pony ever to win the Harness Pony Stallion/Gelding World's Championship at the Kentucky State Fair.

As a 3 Year-Old, Heartland Heartbreaker also won the Amateur Gentlemen's Harness Pony and Harness Pony Stake classes at the Midwest Charity Horse Show.  He then won Limit Harness Pony Class at the Lexington Junior League, and the UPHA Classic at the Illinois State Fair.

Heartbreaker's pedigree contains multiple strands of Wheatland's Humdinger and Dun-Haven Valerie, the mother of Brass Lass, Sky King and Wildfire. This combination of motion producing blood is extremely rare and simply doesn't exist in any other stallion alive today.  Therefore, at the age of three, with his World Champion title earned, Heartbreaker was retired to the stud barn.



Heartland Rain and Fire's sire and dam, WGC Heartland Equality and WGC Heartland Rain, were two of the greatest Hackney pony cob tails of all time.  Both were Saturday night stake winners at the Kentucky State Fair.  Both also won multiple World Champions in the late 1990's to early 2000's.

As a yearling in the pasture, Heartland Rain and Fire suffered an injury which required reconstructive surgery and thus ended his show career before it began.

Blessed with a very nice head and ears, and a short back, we are truly impressed with the foals that Rain and Fire is putting on the ground.  They are well proportioned, attractive and appear to have plenty of trot.  His first offspring should be competing in driving classes starting in 2014.



SIRE: WGC Heartland

DAM: WGC Heartland
Rain Song


Imagine if you took the sire of Sky King and Dun-Haven Impression and bred it to the mother of Mark of Success.  What you would have is the sire of Hearltand Stylish Stepper.  The dam of Stylish Stepper is Emotion, one of Heartland Hackney Farm's top 10 brood mares of all time.

Hearltand Stylish Stepper is black, with a nice head that's always held high.  He was never shown, as there were no intentions to sell him and other ponies required training when he was young.  While not one of the more well known Heartland stallions, his quality is undeniable and his main contribution to the breed is perhaps still to come.



WC Heartland
Most Wanted


Heartland Summer Rain first peaked the interest of Hackney enthusiasts when he won the Midwest Futurity Yearling Stallion class at the Illinois State Fair.  He wasn't shown again until the fall of his two year old year when he won the open harness pony class at the American Royal in Kansas City.  He was shown three times as a three year-old year and recorded three wins including the three-year old class at the World's Championship Horse Show in Louisville, KY.

Summer Rain is a dynamic pony that has a lot of desire and heart. He is out of WGC Heartland Rain Song and by Heartland Code of Honor.

Summer Rain is a dark brown pony with four whites.  His streamline physique makes him look a little like a miniature saddlebred, but with the motion of a Hackney.




Heartland Top Gun is a very long necked and lengthy pony, who will never be shown due to a deformity in one of his rear ankles, which he of course was born with.  Top Gun foaled in 2005, so his offspring are just now old enough to be trained. He is dark brown with four whites.  His most prominent feature is how his long neck naturally rares back over his shoulders.  We are excited to see what his offspring will do in the following years.


This grandson of Carnation's King regularly passes along many of grand sire's attributes.  Hallmarks of the Carnation's King line include an airy, open, bouncy trot and they often have lots of white.   McMillan has produced many show ring winners including Twin Willow's Handsome Dan, Bruce Almighty, Twin Willow's McDreamy, Minute Maid, and The Remington.



The Remington

Twin Willow's
Handsome Dan

Twin Willow's

Bruce Almighty